Some men with small penis size feel intimidated when they get naked in front of their partners. Though you have most likely heard people say that size is not an issue, you may still feel less confident when having sex with your partner. But, the small size of your penis should not be the reason you or your partner fail to orgasm. Here are six tips for men with small penis size to make you feel comfortable and enjoy sex more.


If the small size of your penis makes you feel insecure, talk to your sex partner about it. This conversation may seem hard to start. However, tell your partner the truth and ensure that they know that you feel anxious. The response of your partner will tell you whether the small size of your penis is an issue or not.

Don’t Stress Yourself Out

The small size of your penis should not stress you. In fact, most women don’t care about the size of a penis. What’s more, there are women that prefer small penises. Remember that most vaginal canal’s nerve endings are located in the outer third part. Therefore, provided you fill up this outer third part of the vagina, you can provide enough stimulation. Additionally, most women don’t consider penetration as the major event. Most women prefer manual stimulation or oral sex. What’s more, most women do not orgasm from penetration only.

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